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Spencer, posing as Freya, agrees to marry Loki, but tells him she made a promise to Thor that she would work with the mortals. Loki agrees to give the hammer back for her release. He gives her the hammer, and she gives the hammer to Thor. Loki tries to kiss Freya (Ronny), but then he discovers that it's really Spencer in disguise.

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These roles of the hammer were inseparable from its use as a weapon to defend Asgard from the giants. As the famed historian of religion Mircea Eliade discusses in The Sacred and the Profane , one of the universal patterns in human consciousness is the concept of the cosmos, a realm defined by sacred time and space, and chaos, a realm defined by profane time and space. The cosmos is typically envisioned as a circle, an island in a sea of chaos. [65]

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I finally saw this one, and it may actually be my favorite of the MCU films so far. It has a coherent plot that makes sense and does not require anyone to be plot-stupid, it effectively synthesizes the sci-fi aspects of the MCU with the pseudo-medieval-ish Asgardian aesthetic, it provides villains who make sense and have goals that they act toward, it has great dialog and a good sense of humor without being a mere comedy, there is payoff for franchise-spanning events and character development, and it avoided being preachy while still making a point.

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Thor 8767 s hammer was certainly a weapon the best weapon the Aesir had, in fact but it was more than just a weapon. It also occupied a central role in rituals of consecration and hallowing.

He asks Freya (Ronny) to become his bride, but Ronny refuses. Andrew mentions the jewels of the Corona. Thor (Loki) decides to help them find the jewels, but plans to keep the jewels for himself.

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Just one note before we begin: We're only counting cases where characters have lifted Mjolnir itself and not a copy, so that leaves out characters like Storm, Hercules, and Deadpool. And Odin was the one who had hammer made and designed its rules, so we're not including him, either.

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