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Date: 2018-01-13 15:57.

Browns is well-loved in Brockley for a reason: it&rsquo s a diddy, perfectly realised little spot &ndash white tiled, black-countered, pug-mascoted &ndash opposite the station that was around way before the area&rsquo s swiftly ramping up gentrification began. They take their coffee very seriously: beans are from Square Mile, and the espresso &ndash sharp, citrussy and on the verge of under extraction, but delicious nonetheless &ndash is made with a very snazzy Victoria Arduino Black Eagle machine. There are piles of filled bagels in the window, canelé s from Babelle, and pastries and sourdough from the Little Bread Pedlar. With a few alfresco tables and a buzzy location, it&rsquo s one of Lewisham borough&rsquo s coolest cafes.

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Americanos and Crepes are always a good combo in my book. This family-owned West Seattle gem crafts the best Crepe-Coffee offerings you’ll find anywhere in Seattle. Sure, they’ll pull some tasty Zoka Coffee, but the success they’ve had in their first year has come from consistently offering warm and genuine service and amazing crepes. Say hello to Charell, the owner, and discover why if I could come here every day, I absolutely would. (CLOSED)

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This is a very convenient keto coffee creamer for on-the-go use. MCT Oil Powder from Quest is one of our favorite products for use on a ketogenic diet. It can also be used for baking and added to other foods. Highly recommended!

Black Coffee is the ultimate coffeehouse with a unique business model. They serve amazing Kuma Coffee and offer a space that is open to the community quite unlike other coffeehouses.

It is a blend of MCTs (Medium chain triglycerides, a type of fat that is quickly converted into energy), and several other good types of fats. It also contains electrolytes that support exercise performance and support a ketogenic diet.

Looking for the best coffee shops on Main Street? This funky area is home to an abundance of cafes, but these three spots outshine the rest with their beautiful spaces and dedication to perfectly crafted espresso beverages.

This wonderful neighbourhood café at the Grade II-listed St James Church is capably run and warmly welcoming. On our visit an espresso was well made, but best of all was a light and airy gluten-free orange cake (the equal of any we&rsquo ve tasted). There&rsquo s a lovely story behind the Sanctuary, too. When plans were announced to shut the local post office, vicar Andrew Cain hatched the idea of moving it to his church. The new operation opened in 7569 and profits go to a local community charity. Note that, on Sundays, the church is used as a church.

Capacity at this tiny spot doesn&rsquo t make it far into double digits. But though the choice of food and drink is minimal &ndash just espresso-based coffees, daily soup, a few sandwiches and baked goods &ndash customers love ER, as do we. Espressos are made using Square Mile beans, plus guests on rotation. Occasionally we get an imperfect cup, but on our last visit it was textbook. The best place to sit, weather permitting, is at the small tables outside. Smiling, friendly staff show off their technical skills with modesty.

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