Enlarged liver symptoms in dogs

Enlarged Liver and Spleen - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Date: 2018-01-08 06:21.

I have been diagnosed with an enlarged pancreatic duct and enlarged common bile duct. I have always been very bloated. My skin itches, but no discoloration of stools, urine or skin. My CBC is normal, but my sodium level is only 676.

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In addition, research shows that gallstones return in 55 percent of surgery cases. Even with liver cleanses and gallbladder flushes, unless dietary changes are made, it is difficult to prevent the reoccurrence of gallstones.

Liver Pain

8. Dietary management: Extremely important. The goal is to provide all the necessary nutrients which may be lost due to failure of liver processing without overtaxing the liver with regards to processing of dietary intake. High levels of top quality protein to provide the essential amino acids in an easily digestible carrier which will not produce high levels of ammonia during digestion. Cottage cheese is good, meat tends to produce high levels of ammonia. High level carbohydrates to drive the metabolism of the body, essential fatty acids not less than 6% of the daily intake, and a good mineral and vitamin supplement. Force feeding may be necessary.

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Cholesterol is probably the most common fat based product in the body, being the major component in the cell wall, the basis for the steroid hormones and bile pigments, and the precursor of vitamin D. Any disease in fat metabolism can adversely affect the liver, and any disease in the liver can result in problems in fat metabolism. An example of this is the fatty liver syndrome we see in cats, whereas the rapid mobilization of fat stores during starvation results in an overtaxed liver and eventually liver failure.

This topic is as big as the states of Alaska and Texas combined. I really cannot do it justice in a short essay, but I think it deserves some mention, if only to give the pet owner some understanding as to the difficulties involved when a veterinarian is faced with a case of possible liver failure.

Lymphoma is not difficult to diagnose once a patient and doctor begin to look for signs of cancer. However, Lymphoma&ndash especially non-Hodgkin lymphoma &ndash can be something of a silent killer.

Hepatoportalfibrosis: Disease primarily of the blood supply to the liver. Diagnosed by very specialized radiograph techniques which measure and visualize the blood flow through the liver. Biopsy critical for diagnosing location of lesion.

Yes, hepatitis is a form of liver disease. The term hepatitis means "inflammation of the liver," and liver cells can become inflamed for many reasons, including alcohol, drugs, toxins, and infections. Recall from question 6: Liver disease is any abnormal process that affects the liver.

Gamma Glutamyltransferase GGT: This enzyme is has it's highest concentration in the kidneys and pancreas, but it is also found in the liver and other organs. The major proportion of GGT in the serum seems to come from the liver. Elevations of GGT in disease seem to stem from new synthesis rather than leakage, therefore the changes seen due to disease are not spectacular. Large elevations of GGT are more commonly associated with pancreatitis and bile duct obstruction.

If surgery is needed, a surgeon is likely to remove the spleen using laparoscopy rather than open surgery. This means the surgery is performed through small incisions. A laparoscope allows the surgeon to view and remove the spleen.

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